Demystifying some questions about SBS 2011/2008?

This is my first post about things I love to do, and eager to know better. Recently on MSNetwork 2011 conference in Banja Luka-BiH, I was asked two questions I didn’t know to answer. At least, I knew half of it. First question was about additional DC in SBS 2011 server. People told me it existed in previous version like a backup DC. I knew that only first server can be real full DC. I goggled and found out that Premium add-on server can be built like another DC. There is only one catch. If primary SBS server with DC role fails you cannot seize any of DC roles to your backup domain controller. So you can have some benefit from it, but if first server fail you need to fix it anyway. (It is SBS server people!)

Second question was about making site to site vpn link using SBS servers. It is known that SBS comes in one NIC configuration and you can not install it if you have more then one. You can make VPN connections this way but not site to site. In  site to site vpn case you need to utilize Premium add-on server for this role or another member server. I mention Premium add-on, because you get more for same amount of money you spent on normal Microsoft server version.

I am happy that I write down answers to this questions after a long time. See you with more posts


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