IPAM DHCP integration script problems aka Microsoft.IPAM session configuration

If you try to test Microsoft IPAM feature you were probably surprised that IPAM  is not getting DHCP leases automatically. For that to work you need to download script from next links

Windows Server 2012 R2 script version 

Windows Server 2012 script version

Please read manual carefully Smile But soon after you try to run all of this,  you can get error like this in Powershell

“The WS-Management service cannot process the request. Cannot find theMicrosoft.ipam session configuration in the WSMan: drive ”

Resolve it by doing folowing action :

Reason for issue:

    Possibly the Microsoft.ipam ps session configuration is missing from the ipam server.


  • Log into the ipam server
  • Launch a powershell window with administrator privileges
  • Execute the following commands:
  • New-PSSessionConfigurationFile -Path ./ipam.pssc
  • Register-PSSessionConfiguration -Name Microsoft.ipam -Path .\ipam.pssc
  • Set-PSSessionConfiguration -name Microsoft.ipam –ShowSecurityDescriptorUI
  • Add the following groups from the local machine scope:

        IPAM Administrators

        IPAM ASM Administrators

Make sure they have full control privileges.

  • Get-PSSessionConfiguration *ipam

Now you should be able to see the Microsoft.ipam ps session configuration

Run your script Any after that you should see DHCP leases in console

Invoke-IpamDhcpLease -IpamServerName localhost -DhcpServerFqdn dhcpcluster2.contoso.com –Force


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