Windays16 – epilogue

Hi everybody

Usually around end of April Microsoft Croatia organize IT WinDays conference. It is one of the biggest IT conferences in this region, approximately 1700 participants . Last time I was there in 2006.  I was participant and very young in terms of experience and IT knowledge. For me, it was world of knowledge offered, and I needed to choose wisely. It seems I did. After 10 years I am here as speaker and sharing my thoughts and knowledge with others. Same conference – different perspective. This years conference is for the first time in Valamar Isabella Island Resortu –Poreč.

Windays Island

How I / to  become speaker on Windays?

My carrier as speaker started on community session. In 2010 me and MVP colegue Denis Mihić  founded Hercegovina MSCommunity. It was basic when I look at it now, but very educational. It still is. I had very good practice on community session, and  I was pronounced that year best community speaker at first Bosnia and Herzegovina Microsoft conference MSNetwork. I also get to know a lot of people from Microsoft and other ecosystems during last years,  and I was trying to present my work as best I could on different conferences. Sometimes it was better, and sometimes it was worse. Like in marriage ( if you you are married), but one thing need to be clear. You need to love her, or in this case love it. When I am writing this I have in my mind Nenad Trajkovski who is always passionate about his wife like he is about speaker engagement on every conference. Reason why I am writing all this is one panel talk  I attended. The name of it was just just this headline above “How do you become Windays speaker ?”. It is very interesting that I repeat this panel in  my memory more then for example any other technical lecture, and I really love technical stuff . Why? One of the reasons is that I get my speaker results just before, and they were average.


I knew I was not bad, but it should be excellent! This is premium conference for me, and I am average?! Lets repeat some of my thoughts  during that panel talk. Even though they are not true every time. Because in that case I will never be speaker here.

“”How the hell I end up as speaker here. If I am listening carefully these people here, I almost do all things wrong. I always doesn’t finish presentations (at least I think so), I always have urge to say more, I don’t stick to timetables inside my time (at least I respect other timetables) and generally I don’t have Superman speaker skills to present anything without good preparation. It seems that afterwards I don’t respect people that come to lecture, as they mentioned.

After listening to panel of Windays  content owners and their problems with choosing presentations, and what drives them in choosing it, I analyzed myself and get to REVELATION. After so many years I realized that knowledge I share doesn’t need PowerPoint slides. Up to now I always put slides to get people with less knowledge some basic information about topics, and afterward there is real thing. DEMO! When this starts I am where I need to be. I can then speak for hours. On Windays I had presentation slot for 30 minutes for lecture about Microsoft OMS. In depth lecture about Log Analytics search and automation capabilities. In such a short time I had to speak about some very interesting things, but sad for me, I spent 10-15 minutes on pre DEMO talk. I stolen some time at the end because there was Technical Keynote afterward but even that didn’t help. Result was not so excellent speaker result, and feeling of guilt that I could do more. Sorry people, I will try to be better next time. Something people always say when they got out from confession in church, but they come back again as sinners week later. I will try.  Promise.  And don’t repeat my mistake. If you speak DEMO do DEMO only. Forget slides!


After all,  I was still joyful to learn something more about myself and what is needed to be better speaker. Before 10 years I was learning about technical stuff, and today I am learning about presenting knowledge on conference. This is a life experience and value everybody should be getting on these events every time, and remember it for later.

Even I was little disappointed with my performance as speaker there was time for conference party. It was awesome. I met some new people, drink some beer with old and new ones.  In general had a good time.

At the end what to say : “Thank you Windays!” . Value of this conference is always diamond for me it seems. You get to know some excellent people, and also get to know where you are standing and how much you matter in IT world today. I hope I will have more experience like this on future conferences, but Windays will stay in good memories by me.

I hope I see you all again (new and old friends) on WinDays island next year



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