System Center Operations Manager 2016 Step by Step–Part 5

And now lets do easy part clicking next buttons. Just to remind you. We are installing SCOM 2016 on one server that will be management, web console and reporting server and another server that will host SQL workloads.

  1. Start setup.exe and click on Install.image
  2. Choose roles you will install image
  3. Select Installation locationimage
  4. On Prerequisites page you will have nothing to do if you already done all things from Part 4 of seriesimage
  5. Name Management group. It should be unique if you have more then one in your System Center ecosystemimage
  6. Skip configuration page and enter all data needed for Operational Database and Data Warehouse database on next pageimage
  7. Set all needed for SCOM Web console. Use SSL if you want securityimage
  8. This page is self-explanatoryimage
  9. If you already prepared SCOM accounts for different roles please fill them inimage
  10. Read or don’t read this one and click nextimage
  11. Choose carefully what you wish forimage
  12. Check all settings you put for installation and go Installimage
  13. After everything went successful setup is complete. There is a warning to enter license because you installed Evaluation copyimage
  14. Console will open and everything is set to go. image
  15. One thing remains. If you remember, we created AD group that will be SCOM administrator. Please go to administration pane > User Roles > Operations Manager Administrators. As you can see BUILTIN\Administrators is default administrators in you SCOM environment. Delete it and add your SCOM administrators group.imageimage

This conclude our first par of installation because we need to do Reporting server installation also. I will explain it right away in next blog just because I don’t want to have blog more than 100 pages long Smile


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