System Center Operations Manager 2016 Step by Step– Part 11 – Installing management packs

For some specific service or application to be monitored by SCOM we need management packs. It discovers, define elements of application or service and have monitoring data/knowledge that is written inside. For distributed application, like for example Active Directory , it contain health model that will tell us that AD is in bad condition and pinpoint component not functioning properly. Enough theory.

For our new SCOM installation we will start with Windows Server Management packs. It is most easier to configure. Things is that every MP has it specific setting that should be configured to enable proper MP functioning. That’s why you need to read thru MP User Guide like proper SCOM Admin should do Smile

Because we don’t have Windows Server MP installed we will not see any usual performance data for Windows  server (CPU, memory, disk utilization etc.)


Let install it. Like in Part 9  go to import management pack in Administration pane but this time chose Import from Catalog instead from disk. MP Catalog is Microsoft repository of all MP’s for Microsoft or other vendor products. You can Search or browse. I typed in operating system , and click on Search button. Result is shown on next picture. You probably already know that you need internet connection for SCOM  to have access to MP Catalog.


If you expand all groups for CoreOS and Core OS 2016  you will get next list of available MPs. You can see the name, status of MP (Installed/Not Installed), version and release date. You can notice that version of MP for Windows Server 2016 starts with number 10 and recent Windows Server OS with number 6. There was some changes in MP lately so we have new start numbers for new things. You can see from names of MP that some are for discovery of operating system elements, some for monitoring and reporting ones are also there.


Let Select and add all not installed MP’s from Core OS group. I don’t have 2016 servers yet in environment so I will not choose Core OS 2016 MP’s. If you have choose it.  After adding list will look like this.


Click OK and you will get back to first screen with your selected MP’s. Sometimes this windows will give you warning if there is some dependencies for selected MP. About that some other time. Click Install


After it downloads MP importing will start and finished successfully I hope



Now lets wait some time to see what happens in our monitoring pane . Read that Windows Server MP User Guide in meantime!


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