System Center Operations Manager 2016 Step by Step– Part 9 – Installing UR2

Hi. So we came long way. If you spend a lot of time dealing with SCOM you will probably encounter some bug or problems in software. From time to time Microsoft release Update Rollups. They are usually fixing noticed problems, or sometimes create new one Smile. Developers! Installation is not so straight forward. Like with management packs you need to read installation manual. UR2 is current version.  You can follow instructions on this KB article, or follow next lines.

I assume that you downloaded all needed files. You will need to extract msp files to one folder. There is a separate file of UR for every SCOM role. Sometimes some UR doesn’t have UR file for specific role


There is specific order of installing UR-s. You will install it in next order on all server that host specific role.

  • Management server or servers
  • Web console server role computers
  • Gateway
  • Operations console role computers

First of all open command prompt as Administrator and navigate to you extracted files. First we install management server UR on all servers with that role.


When you start installation it finish fast, so don’t worry if you think nothing happened


After that repeat the same process for web console, getaway and operations console role.Second step includes connecting to SQL server that hosts SCOM databases, and running Update_rollup_mom_db.sql  sql script on OperationsManager database. Script is located in %SystemDrive%\Program Files\System Center 2016\Operations Manager\Server\SQL Script for Update Rollups. Script can take some time if you have big database. Be patient.


After you run script standard procedure is to import new versions of management packs related to UR. You go to Administration pane> Management packs > Import Management packs. Like on next picture


Choose Add from disk and navigate to %SystemDrive%\Program Files\System Center 2016\Operations Manager\Server\Management Packs for Update Rollups


Usually I choose everything and then delete unnecessary MPs. Full list after selecting all MPs  is presented on next picture. First thing you will remove from the list is all language resources other then ENU. If you use some specific language listed choose it accordingly.


After removing unnecessary MPs this s what its left. Import MPs


After that we check up on agent installed on monitoring servers. (We will installed agents on monitored computers in later blogs)  All server that need update will be in Pending Management. Select servers in your preferred manner and install updates to agent.


Last thing but not least is to update your consoles on all computers that have one installed.

There is more detailed about installing SCOM UR, especially if you monitor Linux/Unix computers. For all of it you can reference to more detailed blog post of Kevin Holman about installing UR for SCOM


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