Disable Azure Operational Insights (former System Advisor) alerts in SCOM

If you connected your SCOM environment  to Azure OPInsights and enable configuration assessment after some time you will start to receive alerts from it in console. If you want to see this alerts only on Azure you will need to disable this sync. You need to override two rules.

  1. Microsoft.OpInsights.ImportAlert
  2. Microsoft.OpInsights.SyncAlert

Go to authoring pane, select rules, and look for import alert. You will get rule mention above.


You will now go top overrides and disable it  for all Collection Servers. Crete new management pack for this override if you didn’t.


Next find syncalert rule to overrride it.


Disable this rule in management pack you created before or you didn’t Smile


That is it an now you will not receive this alerts in SCOM console but only on OPInsight  Dashboard