Upgrading SCSI controler on live production machine IBM x3550 M4


I have a strange task to do, and it is next. On x3550 M4 IBM serer I need to expand number of drives from fout to eight. It is not posibble without changing SCSI controller form regular H1110 to at least M1115 or M5110. I was testing it with M5110 contoler. Thing is you need to save all drive configuration and data on it. My recommendation is to back it up first in any case. If you have extra peace of hardware try to test it before. I need to upgrade server for Sharepoint farm and it is not so trival. Operating system is Windows Server 2012 with First thing is to remove existing controller and install new one. you can find documentation for installation on http://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/docdisplay?lndocid=MIGR-5089524  After that boot up server and press F1 to  enter BIOS settings. Press 1 on picture1  below and enter system settings (Picture 2):


Then go to Storage and select SCSI controller


After that go to Controller Managamanet, and select Manage Foreign Configuration


You go to preview foreign configuration to check everything is fine with it.


After that import foreign configuration, Check Confirm box and select Yes.


After that you will get success confirmation hopefully.


When you boot up Windows again it will give you an error because it doesn’t have drivers it need. Press F8 and go to safe mode. Missing drivers will be initialized properly and you can restart and boot up.

I hope I helped someone if you need to do this kind of action on you hardware.