Adding new SQL failover cluster instance

I had this task today, so why not to document it. If you already have SQL Failover cluster created you will probably have special requirements for some exotic application that require special settings for database instance you can not fulfill on existing SQL failover cluster . That is why you need to create new SQL failover instance.  Most usual are SQL collation settings or max DOP settings to mention some.

Lets document the procedure. Requirements are that you have prepared: 

-disks that you will use for SQL data and log files. If you didn’t format disks that you already added to cluster storage resources turn on maintenance mode, because you can not format it otherwise.

– ip address for new sql cluster instance

– domain/windows  sql accounts that will be used for running sql services

1. Start installation and choose New SQL Server Failover installation


2. On Setup support rules page click Next if everything is fine

3. On product updates you can check Next or look for updates online if you need it.

4. On Setup support rules page click Next if everything is fine

5. License Terms confirm I accept

6. SQL setup role choose SQL Server Feature installation

7. On Feature Selection chose Database Engine Services.  In a failover cluster installation, the features SQL Server Replication, Full Text and Semantic Extractions for Search and Data Quality Services are mandatory and you cannot deselect them.


8. On Feature rules click Next if everything is fine

9. Give SQL server Network name and named instance name on instance configuration page


10. On Disk Space requirement page check if you have enough space and click OK

11. On cluster Resource Group click Next

12. On select disk for cluster failover group choose disk that you have available and want to use. Click Next


13. Add IP address that will be used for your cluster, and click Next


14. Add SQL Service account for Agent and Engine Service


15. If you need specific Collation choose it


16. Enter SQL admin users and chose Authentication mode you need


17. Choose you DATA directories


18. On Error reporting page click Next

19. On Cluster installation riles click Next if all is green

20. On Ready to Install page check selection. If you are satisfied click Install. You can find Configuration.ini file later with all settings under configuration file path.


Error like this can happen. “The cluster resource “SQL Server(INSTANCENAME)” could not be brought online ……


If you go to Failover Cluster you will see this error.


It means that you need to prestage cluster computer object in AD, you can found detail instructions on: 

When everything is done you will get this success message.


That is for today, and tomorrow I need to update SQL Failover Cluster to SQL 2012 SP1 CU9. Expect new post tomorrow. See you