How to remove OMS from SCOM

I am sometimes so annoyed that once you connect your SCOM to OMS it is hard to get rid of it. You even delete workspace, but only thing you get is some errors in SCOM console. Ok how to get it out if you temporary doesn’t want it there?

I started with Kevin Holman post about it but I had some trouble doing it so here is full  story. Lets first copy paste some things.

First of all we need to stop download of intelligence  management packs from OMS and all others related. To do that,  create override with name “override OMS temporary disable” , and disable two rules. Go to Authoring > Rules, and set your scope only to “Operations Manager Management Group”

Disable the following two rules:


It will disable automatic download of OMS MPs.

Now lets delete some MP

Open PowerShell and do next commands

Get-SCOMManagementPack -name “*advisor*” | Remove-SCOMManagementPack

Get-SCOMManagementPack -name “*IntelligencePack*” | Remove-SCOMManagementPack

get-SCOMManagementPack -name “Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Mom.Modules.AggregationModuleLibrary” | Remove-SCOMManagementPack

First command will probably fail. you will delete only one management pack but rest of it will not be possible because of dependency. This two you will have problems with


They have dependency on this management pack and you can not delete them. So what to do?


If you added run as account for System Center Advisor Run As Profile Proxy, and probably you did,  remove it from there. After that we need to edit this management pack. Go to PowerShell again and do this (don’t run it read first).

$MP = Get-SCOMManagementpack -Name Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride

To explain.

  1. With $MP.References you will show all reference inside this MP including Advisor ones.image
  2. After that you will remove references using right Key names listed for Advisor MPs
  3. With MP.Verify() you check everything to ensure there are no orphaned overrides, etc.
  4. If everything is OK do $MP.AcceptChanges() to save everything

After that you can easily delete first override mp “override oms temporary disable”  and both  left over Advisor MPs.


If I missed some step please comment


Deleting System Center Global Service Monitor Core Library MP on which Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride depend


I recently installed for test purposes Global Service monitoring management packs. After testing I started removing it, but System Center Global Service Monitor Core Library  MP gave me the message that another MP is dependant on it. In this case MP in title of this post. It usually happens when this MP create some new Run as profiles in SCOM. After internet  search I found a solution, but I decided to make my post because i could not get the result from that post. After a while i figure it out. So lets begin:

First go into Operations management shell: Write this $MP = Get-SCOMManagementpack -Name Microsoft.SystemCenter.SecureReferenceOverride. It will make variable that point to our MP. After that list references with this: $MP.References. It will show all MP it depend upon. 


Detect Key of your MP you can not delete. Type this: $MP.References.Remove(“yourMPKey“). You should get True if it is deleted. after that do check up of MP with $MP.Verify() command to make sure there is no orphaned values. If everything is OK you should save changes with $MP.AcceptChanges()


Try now to delete System Center Global Service Monitor Core Library and you will succeed.